Monday, October 16, 2006


Since Genesis launched their website I had to return to them, for me this new look Genesis is the best upgrade I have ever seen a band make.
The designer, Douglas John has come up with a concept that not only captures the theme of Troy but also recreates that feeling of “old school mas” in a very “new school way”.
From the head peaces to the tie dyed fabrics, the sections of Troy are the most original thus far .

Sections like Andromromache captures the Greek sprit and style but also incorporates the carnival sprit with the tie dye, the Helen of troy section also uses this formula then has a front line that takes the section to a Genesis look we are more familiar with.

Dancers of Sparta is another hot section with 2 versions that both look good in a simple red and gold that is most effective and for me captures not only that dancer theme but also that Asia meets Europe feel.

The male costumes not only capture the style of the movie Troy , but again ads that carnival flavor to it,this a Archillies section plus the king of Troy section is in my opinion indded the modern version of the Great Carnivals of old when epic movies had a heavy influence on the mas of the day.
This year I for one have to give Genesis two thumbs up fo what seems to be a job well done, i cant wait to see them on the road in 2007!
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