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I've been away so long, you would have thought i was in Trinidad relaxing after all the action, but no i had to miss Carnival.
Not that i planned to either, I really wanted to go ,but as I said to Brian after accessing my situation it was priority over passion and with an October trip all ready planned i decided to skip the festival this year.

Any how in this information age and people like Saucy on the job i still saw Carnival on the net and caught some of the vibe. ......I still had a tabanca...
And while I'm still checking the pics of various bands on the road etc, I can say without a doubt, India had to be band of the year, hands down.

As for Road March, while Jumbie is a big tune i think i had to be there to really pick up on the hype because over here in the cold the vibe did not grab me the way "high" did but big up to Machel cause he put a fine cut arse on the rest, and big up to the "big man in the business"Iwer, the Anthem being another big tune to blow me away.... all the way in the UK.

the Kings and queens were good too it was nice to see some new names in the final, however I think the eventual King of Carnival was a conceptual disaster, a mishmash of concepts and themes slammed together with money and Brut force .

This king and a lot of the Big Guns seem to go over the top with size weight,mechanisation , and pyrotechnics to cover up a lack of creativity ....but i will touch on that next time.

So Trinbago Carnival done and while there will be sevral big Carnivals kicking off soon i will have my sights on the Notting Hill Carnival to see what the bands will be presenting .

Another issue i want to touch on this year, is for me the very sad fact that while this year, 2007 England is celebrating the 200th anniversary of the end of the TransAtlantic slave trade, I did not see ONE band attempt to portray or present this most important historical fact in world history and the history of Caribbean in Trinidad this year.

This is quite ironic since it is events such as this that are precursors to our Carnival yet we jump and play mas and de ass without any memory of the origins of the culture or its importance.

No wonder so many bands bluff there way through Carnival with bullshit themes and half bake concepts.

I wonder if MacFarlane will attempt an "Africa" next year.
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