Wednesday, August 22, 2007

TRIBE 2008

Ok with Notting hill Carnival going on Trinbago has had to take a back seat for a while, but I’m back, did my do so now I looking at Carnival Mecca.

The launches have started fast and furious and if I was a masquerader I would be furious my self!

Tribe .

The leaders of the new school Tribe had in my opinion a so-so year last carnival, the attempt to put a contemporary twist on traditional mas was a challenge the designers were not ready for. In 2008 Tribe has turned to the realm of fantasy with Myths and Magic, a theme I would think the designers would feel more comfortable with.
With a beautiful website Tribe takes us into a fantasy world of pixie dust water nymphs, and black magic.

I like the concept I don’t love it but I can accept it, its OK, not smoking hot but it does have some great looking front line costumes. There is also the question of the Island people look alike costume, a couple years ago the idea of a black costume was dismissed by a many female masqueraders they argued not only that Carnival is colour, but went as far as black being a conductor of unwanted heat on carnival day, but after Island people dropped Sahara Jumbie, black mas seems to be the ‘new mas’ in Trinidad Carnival, and IP seems to own all rights to the concept now that Tribe is trying this ‘new’ colour.

My first impression on Tribes Myths and Magic, I must confess was “hey is this Tribe or has the leaders of the new school been infected with IP fever?” Something about the look, is it the colours used, or the skimp of the bikini? Or is it the theme? Does the mythical magical theme have something of the enchanted forest about it? I’m not sure what it is, it just might be what it always was, a case of all these bands always looking the same because a particular formula is being abused, or maybe it’s the fact that 3 or 4 people in Trinidad are making headpieces and decorating costumes for all these high profile bands.

In the end I have come to the conclusion that Tribe is still Tribe after seeing IP’s effort for 08 I think there can be no mistake when it comes to who is who. There are some HOT sections and front lines like sun goddess, water nymph and India

Under my new star system I give Tribes Myth and Magic 3 stars. From this band I have seen better efforts. This presentation is good but not a band of the year.

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