Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Gnothi Seauton (Know Thyself)

The newest Mas band to enter the arena is called “THE ORACLE”.

When I read that there was a new band called The Oracle and their first presentation was called KNOW THYSELF, I must confess I went home and watched the Matrix trilogy all over again in an attempt to understand where they were going to be coming from.

Yes, the Oracle was in the movie, and yes the sign was above the door.

Know thyself.

People went to the oracle in the days of antiquity for advice or prophecy or wisdom, in the matrix NEO goes to the ORACLE to find out if the prophecy was true, NEO wanted to know if he was “the one”.

He was.

Know thyself.

The theme of this band is one of self knowledge.
From the designs we have seen so far the band explores the human condition,

For the theme alone ORACLE gets a star.

It is about time we as a people a (carnival people,) take stock of our selves, as a nation of masqueraders and ask ourselves, is there not more to Carnival than total abandon?

As we celebrate this so called freedom we possess, are we of the oil boom generation (born in the 1970’s) not SLAVES to this creative and social conscious void, we call the fun band?

As the Earth heats up, and the youth loose their minds, killing anything that breaths and breeding any youthful sister that can, but cant read or write , is it all we can do, but to celebrate our freedom in fantasy?

Know thyself, Carnival people.

Historically we are a creative people, “FORGED FROM THE LOVE OF LIBERTY” every Carnival we, or they (the elders) played something new, we addressed the world, and world events in song, Calypso and Mas, we went from drums to tamboo bamboo , to steel pan, a drum of steel, STEEL.!

So how did we get caught in this world of fantasy, what happened to us?
How come the generation that benefited so much from the trials and tribulations, and sacrifices, of the elders, managed to get lost in the ground hog world of fun and fantasy, while every thing around them is shallow, empty, meaningless, and fake?

I mean men have muscles are painted on these days.

Know thyself.

Lead by the grandson of a Carnival legend, Scott Saldenah, and a new candidate to the High Priest of Carnival throne, Aaron Schneider, ORACLE is the first band with a youthful designer to tackle issues that affects the world and each and every one of us TODAY, instead of some fantasy or some, empty concept, based on a two piece and beads.

For that they get a star.

The designer in the fashion of the masters, the true MAS MEN, has dared to put the original art work, THE ORIGINAL DESIGNS on the web for us to see, when you see these designs you are looking at his imagination in action ORACLE not selling no fantasy here its all real, down to the notes that guide the concept.

Just for that they get a star.

On the road to understanding our purpose in this life we all have to look at our selves, understand our selves, know ourselves, do we do the things we do because it is who we are?

Or do we do them, because everyone else does it?

Do we say Minshall, MacFarlane, and Now Schneider, have great costumes, their concepts are deep and meaningful, but I will play that mas when I’m older?
Are we so chained up to the Fantasy of the beautiful that we believe, that it is impossible to really play ah mas and don’t have a good time?

OR is it just the thing to do because the pretty people are doing it?

Why can’t you make a stand for something when you’re young strong and beautiful?

Like the gun man who will lock your neck and shoot you is young, strong, and beautiful.

Know thyself, People.

Gnothi Seauton is the story of the human cycle. Every person’s life is interrupted by the choices they make along the way. Our presentation will examine ten major aspects of life and how the decisions we make affect us and the people around us,” explains Schneider.
Via Saucy.

I don’t have to break this band down to you each section explains itself.

In my opinion, the designers have successfully executed their theme, in these designs those with eyes to see can see the influence of the masters such as Berkley and Minshall, the influences of India and Africa, there is also an originality in the Mas that is without a doubt contemporary Mas, this band flows like a Calypso, or better yet a Soca tune, low at the beginning and builds, to an action packed climax that seem to go skyward as it reaches it end.

How much stars so far, 3?
Well add two more, because this is 21ST CENTURY MAS.
A Mas Supreme, on paper at least.

I don’t know if this band is gonna be small medium or large due to the amount of competition they face, but I am going to give THE ORACLE Massassination’s first 5 star rating, because it is in my opinion,a Mas band supreme, and a contemporary classic, that I hope if all goes well for the band in what ever size category, is a SERIOUS contender for a band of the year title.
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