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So far all reports point at Fay Ann Lyons with "GET ON" and Brian Mac Farlane's "EARTH" dominated the streets for Carnival this year,
word is too that Island People had big fights and had to lock off early what a thing!
Any way take alook at what the press said.

Mac Farlane’s ‘Earth’ shakes town

By ROXANNE STAPLETON-WHYMS Wednesday, February 6 2008

REIGNING King of Carnival mas Brian Mac Farlane’s band “Earth; Cries of Despair, Wings of Hope”, dazzled the crowd at the Queen’s Park Savannah yesterday – Carnival Tuesday – as he mounted a spectacular defence of his crown.

Trini Revellers’ “Que Viva Mexico” also garnered steady applause and the roar of spectators’ approval at the main judging points around Port-of-Spain yesterday.

As the festival reached fever-pitch, it climaxed in an array of earth-tones and the perennial colourful beads, bikinis and feathers.

Mac Farlane’s environmentally friendly, “Earth: Cries of Despair, Wings of Hope” did not come charging at you with the majestic flash of colour, resplendent in Trini Revellers’ “Que Viva Mexico” or Hart’s “Lights, Camera, Action — A tribute to Hollywood”.

However, his presentation was rich, raw and trapped all of earth’s elements, capturing the state of decay, but not letting go of hope for the future.

It left several echoing that his work has definitely followed in the lineage of the legendary mas-makers, such as Peter Minshall, Wayne Berkeley and the Lee Heungs. His band’s theatrics on the “big stage” left many in awe and some close to tears. Mac Farlane’s presentation simply looked awesome.

Mac Farlane, who is the defending Band of the Year Champion, drew attention to his towering wings, intricate shapes and attachments, with several onlookers, in deep conversation as to what he was depicting.

Boasting the new King of Carnival Jhawhan Thomas with “Pandemic Rage”, Mac Farlane once again created quite a stir in the crowd with his tassa drummers’ elaborately designed individual costumes, while co-ordinated masqueraders threw potpourri at spectators.

Mac Farlane caught the splendorous effects of dawn at the Queen’s Park Savannah East, with confetti strewn in the evening sky resembling that of Sahara Dust. “He (Mac Farlane), will be hard to beat this year,” a spectator said yesterday.

“Earth Cries of Despair Wings of Hope” made its way “behind the bridge” at about 3.30 pm.
The crowd went silent as they watched Mac Farlane’s presentation to the judges with one woman saying, “this man knows what true mas is about.”,72769.html

MacFarlane wows with mas of destruction and hope
HE IMAGINATION of Brian MacFarlane's large band presentation Earth: Cries of Despair, Wings of Hope wowed audiences into silence at the various judging points yesterday, as he put up a tough defence of his Band of the Year title during Carnival Tuesday festivities.

He dominated both South Quay and the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain with his portrayal, and at the second venue he received a standing ovation. He told the Express yesterday that he was happy with his elaborate presentation and contrasted it with the "beads" mas.

"We play mas and the true essence of Carnival, represent the culture how it should be," he said.

Carnival at the Queen's Park Savannah had begun promptly at 8 a.m. with new band D' Crewe's presentation Love.

Later in the day, "Big" Mike Antoine and Juliet de la Bastide's Legacy presentation, Passages-A Journey Through Africa, put on a strong showing.

Kicking off his presentation were three well executed African dances featuring women with pots, black and white African warriors, and warrior women in well co-ordinated performances.

De la Bastide said the band always tried to keep the performance factor and was mindful of the origins of Carnival.

Antoine, covered in grey and animal print body paint, said although there was some panic by various stakeholders early in this Carnival season, "everything came off successfully" and his band had no drop in numbers.

The band also held a moment of silence for Kewal "DJ Lalo" Ragbir, who died last week in a car accident, and both Tribe and Legacy had large posters with Ragbir on the side of music trucks. (See Pages 4 and 5)

Tribe's Myths and Magic was the largest band to cross the Savannah stage, but it was also one of the most disorganised, with some masqueraders simply walking across the judging point.

The day was a mix of the new and the traditional, with whipping jab jabs, grotesque blue devils, wild Indians, sailor bands and pan sides making their presence felt.

Security was also tight, as promised by Police Commissioner Trevor Paul, with many police and security officers on hand, and the airship flying above.

Another standout band was Island People's Animal Instincts, which had lions, red tigers and polar bears. At one point the stage became quite a jungle, as some people escaped from their sections to join their friends.
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