Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mac Farlane does it again.

A female masquerader from Brian Mac Farlane’s presentation Earth—Cries of Despair, Wings of Hope, dances in her earth-toned costume and twisted headpiece at South Quay, Port- of- Spain, on Carnival Tuesday.
Photo: Jennifer Watson

By Shaliza Hassanali

PROMINENT bandleader Brian Mac Farlane has captured the George Bailey Band of the Year title in the National Carnival Commission (NCC) Parade of the Bands competition, making it his second consecutive victory.

Mac Farlane, who accumulated 1,350 points in the large band category, walked away with $300,000 for his portrayal, Earth—Cries of Despair, Wings of Hope.

In addition to capturing the George Bailey title, Mac Farlane also placed second in the Band of the Day Downtown award, earning 379 points. He also placed third in the Band of the Day at the Queen’s Park Savannah venue, with a score of 339 points.

Copping second position was Trini Revellers with its presentation Que Viva Mexico, which earned them 1,308 points.

Placing third was Legacy, with its portrayal, Passage.

Fourth, fifth and sixth positions went to D Crew, Evolution Carnival and Tribe, with 1,110,1,078 and 863 points, respectively.

Ronnie and Caro—The Mas Band ran away with the Harold Saldenha award.

Capturing the Lil Hart small band title were Belmont Original Stylish Sailors (De Boss), who portrayed Come Fly.

NCC’s chief judge Theodore Viarruel made the announcement in the presence of NCC’s chairman Keston Nancoo and CEO Clarence Moe at the VIP lounge at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain.

Viarruel also announced the names of several bands that made it to winner’s row with their Carnival 2008 presentations.

Operations manager and executive officer of the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA)David Lopez said NCBA had budgeted $450,000 for this year’s Band of the Year first prize.

Although Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs Marlene Mc Donald announced that $300,000 was the first prize for Band of the Year title at a post-Cabinet meeting last month, Lopez said: “We are sticking for $450,000 as the first prize.”

Last year Mac Farlane was paid $450,000 for winning the Band of Year award.

“The $450,000 prize was paid last year because NCBA had already sent in their budget for the band of the year. We had nothing to do with that.”

Legacy bandleader Mike “Big Mike” Antoine said Mac Farlane deserved the crown.

“I think the judges did a fantastic job. I would support Mac Farlane, 100 per cent.”
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