Tuesday, March 04, 2008


went to the Swarovski flag ship store this weekend to check out what kind of crystal bling they have that I could use on a project I’m working on at present.

When it comes to bling Swarovski runs things. I literally spent the day in Swarovski Crystallized checking out their stock of crystals and their uses and the possibilities are endless!
Then upstairs there was a little restaurant / gallery (cosmos and lounge thank you very much) with designer shoes and clothes that were made with swaroski crystals.

I know the Swarovski name got popular in mas circles when the big band Tribe was said to have used them in I think their Nylon pool section in the presentation ‘What lies beneath’ 2006. There was a huge fuss about the section at the time, but looking at the costume and what I saw at the flagship store they might have underutilised the crystals, or used the wrong type, (depending on what they wanted) I admit when I saw the section on the road that year it was evening and the crystals did nothing, so sunshine might have been better to see them. But the sizes and colours I saw at the shop was something else.

I’m sure there are a couple of London based “costume designers” that might consider jogging down to the store; you just might get a little jump on the competition

here are a couple of my pics, click on them for the big picture.

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