Sunday, January 31, 2010

MacFarlane: It's going to be a great year

The Dragon can Dance: The dragon, one of the oldest representations of local mas features prominently in MacFarlanes 2010 presentation "Resurrection-The Mas". -Photos: ANISTO ALVES

The infectious pounding of the Laventille Rhythm Section heralded the spectacle about to unfold in front of the Brian MacFarlane’s Mas Camp on Rosalino Street in Woodbrook on Friday night. Throngs of people gathered along the street, several cars stopped or pulled aside as a parade straight out of the local history books came to life under a flood of lights set up by the MacFarlane camp.
In a style uniquely his own, MacFarlane decided to use a Carnival-like masquerade to display his 2010 presentation, ’ Resurrection-The Mas’ in order to showcase his costumes.

’The only time I see the way the costumes move and look is on Carnival Tuesday. This year I wanted to get a better feel for the mas and let people see what the mas would actually look like on the road. Plus seeing the mas like that helps me to know what needs to be tweaked and fixed before the big day,’ MacFarlane explained in an interview yesterday with the Sunday Express.
He said Friday’s presentation was simply a smaller version of the entire band and added that he hoped to make the night time mas presentation an annual affair, ’so the people could feel the energy and get into the spirit of the mas’.
The three time Band of the Year winner, MacFarlane said he puts a lot of himself into every presentation, so he was usually exhausted by the end of the season, and this year is no better.

’We are in the process of building the king and the queen, plus getting all the other costumes built and adding finishing touches to the presentation. It could get very tiring,’ he laughed.
The mas man, well-known for his elaborate productions, says the public could expect more of the same this year.
’I am confident in the presentation this year. More so now actually,’ he said, explaining that he was usually nervous about how people react to his mas, but after seeing their collective reaction yesterday, his mind was more at ease.

Even the global economic crisis and its possible trickle-down effect on the Greatest Show on Earth failed to ruffle MacFarlane’s feathers. He said his mas was targeted to a special market, one that was not as affected by the economic downturn and thought that niche marketing contributed to the usual high level of registration at the camp.
’Oddly enough, we had a lot of registrations on Friday night after the presentation, so maybe some people who were unsure needed to see the mas come to life before they made a final decision,’ he explained.
’I think we appeal to a different market. Remember we are not competing with the bikini and beads mas,’ he said.
An excited MacFarlane said he has big hopes for the fast approaching Carnival competitions.
’If what we saw and felt yesterday (Friday) is any indication of what we can expect on the road, it’s going to be a great year,’ he said.
Renuka Singh
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