Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mas Jumbies release their Last Section: The Pai Banan

The Pai Banan is an extinct Masque that died out by the early 1900's. it was popular in Trinidad's rural districts, where they would appear J'Ouvert morning in small groups. The costume was simple and consisted of bits of cloth and banana leaves. On their heads was a turban or a fula that held cow horns or antennae.  The face was covered by a papier-mâché mask, similar to those of the Pierrot Granade. They went around frightening people in the early hours of J'ouvert morning.
The MAS Jumbies version presents a more sinister visage of this traditional masque.
The Costume
1)Unique light-weight head mask, made with black crocus material, cloth and plastic strips. The see-through facemask has eye holes and is enhanced with a chrome silver diamond detail chain and two black horns with gold band details. Some strips fall to the ankle (can be cut).
2) Natural Pod Necklace (adjustable).
3) Black cloth (ankle length) sarong for both men & women.
4) Silver Bell ankle or wrist band.
5) Black vest for the women.
6) Mandatory Black Body paint.
TT$400.00/ US$65.00
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