Saturday, April 03, 2010

Tears in St Joseph as Christ is crucified

Tears streamed down the faces of many, others wailed in anguish as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ came to life at St Michael’s RC Church, Maracas, St Joseph. Mothers clutching their babies, fathers, grandparents, some in wheelchairs, turned out in their numbers yesterday to witness His death re-enacted. Jesus’ cruel three-hour journey commenced at 4.30 am at Acono Junction, led by Parish Priest Fr Gerard Tang Choon and lead director Dianne Narine.
Roman soldiers armed with swords and dressed in full battle gear, kept a close watch on Jesus, who was portrayed by Justin Rampaul. After the re-enactment, worshippers were treated to the traditional hot cross buns symbolising the crucifixion. The cross represents the crucifixion and the shape of the bun represents the rock that was removed from the front of the Christ tomb when he was resurrected on Easter  Sunday.

TOP: Jesus (Justin Rampaul) is led away by Roman soldiers to be crucified.
CENTRE: Roman soldiers stand guard as Jesus is crucified.
ABOVE: Mary, portrayed by Jacinta Douglas, comforts Jesus before he is crucified.
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