Sunday, April 04, 2010

Vajazzling: We might have to look out for this one...

The other day I was having several conversations with different Carnivalist about the growing trend of the ladies parading the streets for Carnival with their breasts either totally exposed or bejewelled with various stones or caged bras, we touched on everything from copying the Samba dancers of Brazil's Carnival to  using nudity as a  sign of empowerment or social protest during Carnival as the Jamette's  did in 19th century Trinidad Carnivals. After all was said and several possible socio/cultural reasons for rise in this practice in the 21st century one thing we all agreed on its on the rise.

 And this Morning I come across another trend that might catch the eye of the masqueraders that dare to  bare, Vajazzling ie (definition: bedazzling your.... vagina with adornments) and according to Jennifer Love Hewitt making it "shine like a diso ball" seemed to empower her...
Since any thing that appeals to the body beautiful generation quickly becomes part of the carnival aesthetic  like air brushing and stick on stones this practice may soon be seen on the streets POS in a section near you....

Ok  here's a clip where she talks about her 'Vajazzling' 

Somebody should tell them it was ALWAYS about the booty Damn their late...LATE!
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