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TIME MACHINE: Trinidad Carnival 1995

Controversy is a tradition of Carnival in Trinidad, every year you can bet there is going to be a tune, a mas band, or a government policy, that will upset the masses and result in a rise in public opinion.

One of  the biggest controversies  of Carnival 1995 was  the Minshall vs Church  saga  when various Christian  denominations  including the Catholic Church opposed his use of the word Hallelujah  in his carnival presentation , little did we know  that some 16 years later  the Catholic Church itself will bring a mas band on the road.

Goes to show, Minshall was simply ahead of the game, and the society.

Ricardo Harewood was 'Spirit of Light' in 1995.
In 1995 Minshall’s Hallelujah won the N.C.C’s Band of the Year title. Minshall was followed by the Legend Wayne Berkley’s band Origami in 2nd place with Richard Afong’s Barbarossa presentation ‘East of Sumatra’ coming in third.

The medium band of the year was won by Stephen Derek and D Midas Associates with Ebony and Ivory.  Jason Griffith’s ‘Shipwreck’ gained second place and ‘Total Delights’ by showcase coming in third.

The small band category was lead by Henry Ramdin and Anthony Jackman’s ‘Dakota Dog Dancers’.Neville Aming’s ‘Festival in Ethiopia’ was second , with yet another legendary name in carnival Glendon Morris’s band was third with ‘Original Stylish Sailors’

Roland St George1995 'Fury of Djarkata'
The 1995 King of Carnival title was won by Hilton Cox who portrayed ‘Mystic Dawn’ from the Stephen Lee Hung ‘Oceania’. It was the fourth title of his career.
Second place was won by Roland St George  in his portrayal ‘Fury of Djarkata.
Third place was won by the late great Tedder Eustace , who portrayed  ‘Star of wonder, Star of Light’.
The Queen of Carnival title was won by Alyson Brown who portrayed ‘Joy to the World’ from Minshall’s band Hallelujah. Anra Bobb was second with ‘Peace and Love’ she was followed up by Ira Patterson in ‘Goddess of Wisdom and Light’.

Shane Correia: King 'Carnivore'.
The Dimamanche Gras Calypso Monarch final was won by Leroy Calliste (Black Stalin). The 1995’title the fourth in his career was won with two tunes, “Tribute to Sundar Popo’ and ‘In Time’. Second place was won by Cro Cro with the Mighty Sparrow coming in third.
The Road March title OF 1995 was won by Super Blue with the soca tune ‘Signal to Lara’.

The Rest is Carnival History.
Mas Assassin out!

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