Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Overtime Interview: Brian Mac Farlane.

Overtime TT has provided us with an inside view of Brian Mac Farlanes  mas camp as they  produce the 2011 presentation ‘ Humanity  the cycle of life.’  With one interview into this mas camp the arguments of culture killers such as Luis Hart and Dean Akin who attempt to convince Trinidadians that they are not good enough to produce top quality mas HAS BEEN SHATTERD.
I guess no one told the folks at the 5 time band of the year award winning camp they did not have what it takes attention to the video the people at Mac Farlane’s camp are making use of materials such as newspaper, cane, bristalboard, and bottle caps, and you can bet another band of the year title is in sight, and yes, it’s just as the man said Mas is an art form, and there are levels of science applied to it. And all will agree this is mas at its highest level, this is High Mas!

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