Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mac Farlane rules in Kings, Queens prelims

Veteran masquerader and designer Roland St George in his costume, “Ralliez—Vous A Mon Panache Blanci. PHOTOS: ALVA VIARRUEL

Celebrated mas designer Brian Mac Farlane’s creations dominated the National Carnival Kings and Queens preliminary competition on Thursday night at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain. In the King category, Malak Yahweh-The Praying Mantis, portrayed by Gerard Weekes, captivated the modest audience as he crossed the stage with choreographed movements mimicking the creature he was portraying. The black and white costume with a huge mantis head had eyes that seemed to glow in the dark of the Savannah stage. Mac Farlane’s Queen, Dr Charisse Bovell, had a successful night, after her dismal performance last year when her costume collapsed in the finals.

Bovell portrayed Mother of Humanity-The Weeping Madonna, which was impressive with its intricate designs which were being tweaked by Mac Farlane’s assistants up to minutes before she crossed the stage. Bovell placed first with 454 points, 20 points more than her closest competitor Kay Mason who portrayed Amethyst Rising. This year’s show was a somewhat scaled-down affair with 74 participants crossing the stage, compared to more than 100 last year

The costumes this year, although notably smaller, featured the artistic details and construction which have become synonymous with Carnival Kings and Queens. Regal colours and themes were also notable during the show with numerous participants using purple and gold in their costume design.

The results are:
1. Mother of Humanity—The Weeping Madonna:  Charisse Bovell—454 pts
2. Amethyst Rising:  Kay Mason—434
3. Queen of the Masquerade Ball: Gloria Dallsingh—430
4. Wachiwi—I Dream of a Bustle Dancer: Rose Marie Jagessar—428
5. Princess of the Mardi Gras: Laura Rampersad—427
6. Last Dance of the Enchanted Witches: Roxanne Omalo—420
7. Exotic Sunset on the Horizon:  Patricia Bailey—416
10. D Quetzel in Flight:  Pamela Gordon—412
11. Shipwreck: Janice Richards—408
12. Goddess of the Arctic: Ladonna Rouse—406
13. Out of the Ash We Shall Rise: Natasha Murray—403
14. Heat Wave—Last of the Phenomenal Havoc: LaToya De Leon— 397
15. The Limbo Dancer:  Cherry-Ann Valere—390
16. Harmony:  Lanie Lexama—390
17. Specimen 2K-12A:   Charmaine Enile—390
18. D’Woman and D’Butterflies: Shari Derek—389
19. Dress for a National Banquet: Ruth Mendez—381
20. Natural Wonder of La Brea:  Tracell Frederick—377

1. Malak Yahweh—The Praying Mantis:  Gerard Weekes—424
2. Ralliez—Vous A Mon Panache Blanci: Roland St George—422
3. D Midnight Messenger: Curtis Eustace —411
4. Flight of Conscience:  Wade Madray— 401
5. Papa Nile : Leroy Prieto—399
6. Piankhy, Nubian Conqueror of Egypt: Fernando Marchan—397
7. Alpha: Jhawhan Thomas—387
9. D Carnival Vybz: Marlon Rampersad— 385
10. The Tree of Life:  Shane Phillip— 384
11. Prince Siegfried—The Story of Swan Lake:  Brian Chin—384
12. D Devil and He Wife Fighting:  Clyde Bascombe—379
13. Kwak Waka Wakin—The Scared Totem: Zainool Mohammed—379
14. Enchanted Sea Dragon of the Japense Ice Festival: R Mayers— 376
15. Icarus Ascending: Earl Thompson— 374
16. Sankofa Dingolay:  Glenn Lakhan— 373
17. Dino-Bot-S1-7: Damien Leach —370
18. Inti-Sun God of the Harvest:  Marcius Caballero—366
19. The Crow: Adrian Young—365
20. Out of the Flames: E Beckles— 358
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