Saturday, July 13, 2013

BLAZE: Release the fire inside. Costumes and Synopsis.

ADDICTED. has launched online their theme and costumes for their section  in the Notting Hill Carnival 2013 called 'BLAZE; Release the fire inside'.
 The costumes and synopsis speak for themselves so take a look take a read, understand the theme, and play the mas.


There are thousands of people in this world that are not living the life that their hearts desire, instead they act out a life that society, fear and inaction dictates that they live.  As a result the soul which is the part of us where dreams and desires inhabit becomes tarnished and worn; when the soul is denied true
expression it becomes dull and starts to shrink, like a fire which can roar fiercely alive and bright but is not fed and is left to fade it eventual dies. 

The same is true for the soul when we do not pursue our heart’s desire, we fade from existence worn by the weight of unfulfilled dreams and lost opportunities we start to exist rather than live, dogged by a lifetime of regret and unfulfilled destinies.

Then there are those who live their lives to the fullest, those who from an early age can identify their
passions and unleash that fire in their hearts to create their own destinies, fulfilling every hope, dream and aspiration they desire in the process.
Like fire breathing dragons of mythology, such individuals seem to soar through life obliterating any obstacles that may come between them and their hearts desire, claiming fully their destiny.
Releasing the fire and passion we all carry within us, these individuals always seem to stand out with a positive energy, a fire that attracts people and opportunities, they burn
bright with illuminating colours of yellows, gold’s, and oranges like the flames of the brightest fires.
So come join us at Notting hill as we set the streets alight with the boldness of our expression fed from the fire of our heart’s desire.

Release your fire inside.


The Heart.

Throughout the costumes design the motif of the heart is repeated in both male and female costumes, a universal symbol of love and passion, the heart was believed by the ancient Egyptians to be the seat of wisdom and emotion and the soul, even in the present day the heart is described as the place where we experience the pains of sorrow or elation and joy, it is in the heart that our desires burn like a fuel propelling us to action.  

The Dragons

No other mythological creature exemplifies the power of a fire breather than a dragon like the heart the dragon too is a universal symbol and found in myths and cultures all over the world in different forms. In the mas the dragon is an analogy of that individual who has released the fire that burns within us upon the earth, an awesome power that we need not fear for it can clear a path to which we can all achieve our fullest potentials.

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