Sunday, August 16, 2015


The universe radiates with energy
We are made of the universe
We work hard
We play hard
Our lives a constant flow of energy
And energy never dies
We are strong when we unite
In fusion we are Powerful
In fusion we are

 Every second of every day of our lives we release energy, like stones thrown in a pond, every one of our actions sends ripples of energy through time and space, constructing futures that affect us directly and those around us indirectly.
With only a thought and an action any one of us can change the course of our lives or history.

What kind of existence could we construct for ourselves if we combined our energies for a single cause?

What walls could we breakdown, what empires could we construct?

Combining our energies we could be the most powerful force on the planet, like an atomic bomb obliterating barriers and reshaping the environment in our favour. If we were to fuse like atoms the energies we release could be unstoppable.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
 think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 
Nikola Tesla

  Less than seventy years later the Japanese economy is one of the strongest in the world the culture of the people and their abilities to harness their energy mean that not even an A-bomb could stop their progress.

It is from that snipet of history that atomic theme was born. The energy we poses and release in our lifetimes never die,  even long after we die our actions go on affecting and consturucting the world around us. Sometimes unknown to us our energies can clear a path or form obstacles creating a an environment in which we exist.

Ripples &waves:

What does expelled energy look like? Often it is depicted in ripples or waves expanding into a limitless space of light or darkness, it is this ripple / wave motif that the designer used throughout the costumes.

On the female costume the motif curves   like the curves of a woman her energy is soft but strong, constant, and rhythmic.

On the males the motif is bold and sharp, masculine in nature. Strong like that of the shock wave of an earthquake or an explosion

The headpiece is based on that of the helmet of the samurai, the front of these helmits often symbolically depicted an aspect of the animal or force of nature that the samurai wished to attack his opponent with.

So to does our headpiece symbolise the unleashed energies of an atomic explosion with its energies reaching out beyond its physical manifestation.

The costumes main colors are the high energy colors red, yellow and gold.

Red is associated with passions sexuality, courage, and willpower and stamina
Yellow is associated with joy intellectual and physical energy, creativity, humor and personal power.

Atomic is you: An energized individual in a larger environment of energy.

Atomic is your energy: that energy that enables action, that creates, that affects change, but never dies..

Atomic is Fusion. Ideas shared, goals collected, talents amalgamated, 
 Energies combined, and goals achieved.

We are Atomic
Our energies have combined
And we're about to explode.

For Jesell Spencer Knight.1981 - 2014
 whose energy lives on...

S.A. Armstrong
Addicted  Designer

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