Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BACHANAL MAS 2008 PARADISE new band...but is the mas?

n Saturday 19th I went to the Bacchanal (spelt bachanal) Mas band launch, of their 2008 presentation of ‘Paradise’. If its one thing about the designer, is that his workmanship is exceptional. For mas made in the U.K the standard of professionalism, in the work is indeed, high dare I say ‘new’ when it comes to London made formula fun mas.

I did not reach the launch in time for the presentation so I could not tell you if the theme has a storyline or a background to the concept, however the display showed four sections fools paradise, temptation, heaven scent, and bird of paradise, like the designer himself said “Paradise a bead, feather, sequin, bikini, thong and fantasy theme” i.e. probably another no-brainer.

The costumes are fun band standard, simple, effective, and pretty, they are by no means innovative, but there does seem to be some extra effort put into the design of headpieces but this gives the costumes a top heavy look. At a glance ‘Paradise’ seems impressive, at first, but at a second glance and closer inspection, any mas aficionado can see the influences of Trinidad Carnival’s big fun bands on the designer which is unfortunate because a NEW BAND should have some kind of NEW, FRESH and UNIQUE look about it. In this department ‘Paradise’ has failed, even with four sections the designer and his team did not push the creative envelope to truly achieve that new industry standard that they claim.

Instead ‘Paradise’ is another careful amalgamation of the best of the designers past works and those of top fun bands in Trinidad; however it is without a doubt his best technical work to date.

I don’t know what size category the band is going to be in, against large bands like Mahogany and South Connections I cant see Bachanal mas challenging their superiority, however as a small, or medium band, BM might be able to come out tops.


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