Monday, May 05, 2008


aturday (26th) was the launch of the Masquerade 2000 presentation for Notting Hill Carnival 2008 Ole`, I really wanted to see it but could not make it, however taking a look on carnival central I saw some of what I needed to see.

The theme is Spanish, with sections like Matador, Carmen, Flamenco Dancers, Semana Santa, and Stampede, with the moko jumbies section comes the African element to the band, if this was done on purpose or accident I cant say but it does add to the theme.

It seems like the artistic direction of Lincoln Rahamut and designer David Brown has come up with a potential band of the year, putting M2K back on the road with a style that was synonymous with the band in the past.

Looking at the photos on island mix did have me questioning at first the bands, ability to successfully challenge for the Band of the year title, but the little I saw on the video created an atmosphere that if re-created at the splash and the road on Carnival day, with sufficient floor members they can pull it off.

It is hard to tell what the quality and workmanship will look like or what damage was done to the bands creative team if any by the exodus of the Bacchanal Mas sect.

However the big band M2K has creatively survived the hijacking of its image and the exodus of some of its members, only time will tell if they can maintain their position as a force to recon with on the streets of Notting hill this year.

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