Thursday, April 10, 2008

WATCH YUH BACK ...or you might get conquered.

He came, he saw, he conquered, or venni vetti vicci or "Veni, cidi, vici." This line was made famous by the roman Emperor Julius Ceaser on 47bc after his victory in battle over Pharnaces, these days however we use it when some guy comes in the game small learns the ropes, kept his eyes on the prize and one day became king of that hill.

He came, he saw he conquered, that’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

Then there is that other story, he learned, he imitated, he destroyed. That’s the other side of the story, you might not hear that one every day but it happens, in the wonderful world of carnival’s history more than you Carnivalist out there care to know.

But it happens.

An Anonymous poster left this message on the blog the other day.

“The former designer of Masquerade 2000 (aforementioned) is NO longer apart of M2K.The designer has now created a new band: 'BACHANAL MAS'. Masquerade 2000 is still up and running and has the theme: OLE. (Spanish theme)”

Now I never thought that the designer formally known as M2K could ever stop the Mas band Masquerade 2000 from running. Because every band over here has a core of loyal followers who once you bringing a band they jumping with you, but every now and then, you get an upstart with big dreams of fame and power who in sheep’s clothing is going to join your outfit learn what he can, rise up in the ranks, and when thinks he is big and strong enough leave, but not before dropping a monkey wrench in your works or destroying what he can.

That’s how it goes sometimes. That kind of bacchanal is part of Carnival.

So I was talking to some other Carnival heads over here who told me some gossip, they say the kid shut down the Bands MYspace and website cause he owned the domain, now, is not me who say so, I heard it on the grape vine,… but what a way to say thanks for giving him an avenue for developing his skills, introducing him to people, and accepting him in yuh thing eh?

So when you see what is yours as a joke,and yuh want to pass it on helter skelter to every Tom Dick and Harry who show a lil interest in the game make shore you have your back covered, because a stab I the back eh nice at all. Talk about Bacchanal.
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